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The Captains Season Preview 2023 - A Message To All MCC Players

On the eve of another cricket season after another long and arduous winter we at Maghera Cricket Club can look forward to a season like no other we have seen before in our short history.

With the influx of so many new faces and kids we are now in a position to introduce a second eleven to compete in Qualifying 4 and introduce our youngster's to competitive cricket as the season progresses.

Let me start by wishing every single player a very enjoyable and successful season. The past few weeks have been quite a rollercoaster with our cricket festival and our pre season preparation but now it's down to the bread and butter of competitive cricket and for some this will be a very new experience.

It will be exciting and nerve wracking in equal measure as you look to score your first competitive runs, take your first catch or take your first wicket. We will all share your joy when this happens . We love to see the success of every individual within our club, we revel in your growth as a player and as a club member. May this be the the most enjoyable season of sport you've ever encountered and may you join with us at MCC in seeking to play the game with a passion , play it hard, play it fair and play it with a smile on your face .

Saturday brings the start of a season with enough cricket to satisfy every member within our club. Come home on Saturday night content that you gave it your best shot and carry a memory from every game.

All the best


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