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Sponsor Maghera Cricket Club

Why Sponsor Maghera Cricket Club? 

At Maghera Cricket Club we want to get as many people involved in cricket as possible. You will be supporting the strategic ambition of Maghera Cricket Club and its governing bodies (Cricket Ireland and the North-West Cricket Union) by developing interest in the game. Maghera Cricket Club, has set in place a development plan and a constitution to encourage the development of a cross community and multi ethic sport in the Mid Ulster area. As a cross community venture that has grown to be culturally, ethnically and gender diverse the club hopes that can provide a chance for both junior and senior, male and female the opportunity to develop sporting skills through a healthy, active outdoor sport. 

Maghera Cricket Club is eager to secure a more sustainable future for the club, built on the undoubted enthusiasm for cricket amongst its members and untapped potential that exists amongst the young people in the area. To stimulate this interest further, the club has ambitious plans to develop a dedicated cricket youth programme; enabling school aged children, regardless of their community background or gender, to experience the game. Initiatives such as these, we hope, will create a longer lasting legacy for the game in the area, increase its visibility and lead to positive health, social and cultural impacts. 

Over the last few seasons, we have been dependent on the generosity and support of the NW Cricket Union, the local council, schools and businesses to keep the club going. We want to keep our membership fees at a minimum so we can continue to be inclusive for everyone but this is becoming increasingly difficult, hence we rely on the very kind and generous sponsorship from local businesses and friends of the club like you! 

What will Maghera Cricket Club do for my business?


Depending on the level of sponsorship you provide, we will promote your company on our social media pages which have many followers throughout Northern Ireland, especially in the local area. 

We plan to have banners with all our major sponsors’ logos on, which will be displayed at our home games. It will also feature on our social media pages and at any events we hold throughout the year. This has the potential to reach vast audience as we host a range of events, including partnerships with Rainey Hockey Club and other local sports clubs, which each year which welcomes players along with many parents and families from the local area. 

We plan to have a match report video online each week which will have the banner as the back drop. This will be visible on all our social media sites and will be shared by team members and a potential 400 local/regional customers. 

It is envisaged we will have some branded items for sale to members of both senior teams and their friends and relatives, however this will depend on the level of interest from our sponsors. 

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